In most of our daily lives, we are more “connected” than ever with social media and such but lacking what we consider true, energy exchanging “connection”.

ASH ALCHEMY is a spa offering various esthetic and wellness services. But our true intention for this space is to offer you a small retreat from your daily lives and stressors. A space where you are greeted with a warm smile, maybe a hug, eye contact, and an immediate feeling of connection.

We want to provide you with great services, but more than anything, we want to bring some small joys into your life. The kind of joys that remind you to unclench your jaw, find childlike wonderment and to be fully present in the moment. To remind you of that feeling you had as a kid when the grass seemed a little greener, the air felt a little lighter and you found joy in all of the earths offerings… if you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can experience it.

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