• From Ashes Foot Soak

    Our signature treatment, designed to ground you!

    A 30-minute soak with Tea Tree, Cypress and Bergamot. Followed by our "From Ashes Scrub"- activated charcoal for detoxification and glow, cane sugar for gentle exfoliation and grape seed oil for moisture.

    Finally, we finish with a foot and lower leg massage. This treatment is great for all and falls more on the neutral to masculine scent profile.

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  • Ethereal Love Foot Soak

    Reconnect with nature’s essence through our 'Ethereal Forest Soak'. A grounding blend of Cypress, White Fir, and Juniper Berry transports you to a mystical forest. This soak is an invitation to ground your energy, invigorate your senses, and purify your aura. It's a spiritual journey through the forest's hidden paths, leading you to discover the ethereal light within.

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  • Harmony Grove Foot Soak

    Discover the symphony of balance with our 'Harmony Grove Blend'. This foot soak combines the uplifting essence of Bergamot, the grounding nature of Sandalwood, and the relaxing touch of Patchouli. Infused with organic olive oil and Epsom salt, it detoxifies and softens, while chamomile flowers sprinkle a touch of gentle harmony. Let this holistic concoction guide you to a place where your energy aligns with the earth's rhythm, illuminating your path to inner peace.

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  • Radiant Energy Foot Soak

    Revitalize your spirit with our 'Radiant Energy Potion'. This energizing concoction features Peppermint, Wild Orange, and Ginger essential oils. As your feet bask in this vibrant soak, feel the infusion of energy and joy, warming your soul and awakening your zest for life. This potion is crafted to ignite your inner fire, unveiling a radiant glow that reflects your true, spirited self.

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  • Luminous Oasis Foot Scrub

    Embrace clarity and joy with our 'Luminous Oasis Elixir'. This vibrant mix of Lemon, Jasmine, and Rose essential oils, enriched with organic coconut oil and Dead Sea salt, is a celebration of light and love. As you soak your feet, allow the bright, heart-opening aromas to uplift your spirit and the mineral-rich salts to rejuvenate your body. This potion is a beacon of radiance, designed to illuminate your soul and awaken your innermost energy.

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  • Serenity's Embrace Foot Soak

    Immerse your feet in this sacred soak to ground your spirit, calm your mind, and harmonize your body. Each element is chosen to awaken your inner light, guiding you towards a peaceful state of being. Notes: Frankincense, lavender, myrrh.

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  • Foot Soak Add Ons

    Add on Hydration, Scrub, Massage or Extra Love Massage to any Foot Soak Session.