• Rooted in Nature Massage

    Let the flowers speak to you.

    This 90 minute, custom experience will utilize Lotus Wei flower essences.

    Start with the Flower Quiz to help choose the perfect companion botanicals. From there we will choose a flower oracle card to set the intention then your hands on treatment will begin.

Flower essences are considered vibrational medicine and embody healing properties.

 Super-packed with the chi of the flower, flower essences instantly impact your state of mind and enhance your energy.

    Different from aromatherapy, flower essences don’t have a scent.

    90 minutes  $190

  • From Ashes Massage

    The ultimate treatment for grounding. 

    15 minutes of mindfulness in our infrared sauna followed by a reiki "infused", 90 minute massage with our special "From Ashes" aromatherapy blend. This woodsy blend of frankincense, bergamot and cypress will deliver you to childlike wonderment of babbling brooks, mossy tree trunks and fallen leaves.

    We complete this treatment with a special grounding ritual to invite you "back into your body".

    120 minutes $270

  • The Mother

    Pre-natal and postnatal treatment - not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

    Infused with reiki, tender care is taken intuitively to help treat you during the various stages of becoming the mother.

    90 minutes $200

  • Alchemist Massage

    Allow our massage alchemist to offer you healing and relaxation from your every day stressors. Whether they use hot stones, deep tissue, etc

    60 Minute Alchemist Massage $120

    90 Minute Alchemist Massage $180


    6 months of 60 min. @ $650

    6 months of 90min @ 975

    *series are invalid after a full calendar year. No more than 60 days between bookings*