• Rooted in Nature Massage

    Your journey begins with the selection of companion botanicals, intuitively chosen to complement your unique needs. Following this, a flower oracle card is drawn to set a deeply meaningful intention for your session. With this intention in place, your hands-on treatment commences, allowing you to connect with the holistic essence of nature.

    Lotus Wei flower essences are revered as vibrational medicine, holding the essence and healing properties of various flowers. These essences work harmoniously with your energy, immediately influencing your state of mind and enhancing your overall well-being.

    Distinguishable from aromatherapy, Lotus Wei flower essences do not rely on scent, but rather on their holistic vibrational resonance.

  • Ethereal Touch

    Available in 60m, 90m, 120m sessions.

    Embark on a transformative and intentional healing experience with our ethereal touch experience massage. This unique service begins with you lying face down, as our skilled therapists use a variety of modalities to open up the core, hips, and spine. This initial phase is designed to release any physical blockages, paving the way for deeper energetic healing., we gently transition into a soothing neck and shoulder massage, seamlessly integrating craniosacral therapy. This part of the journey induces a state of lucid dreaming and semi-hypnosis, enhancing your receptiveness to energy work. The session culminates with focused energy healing, where we employ both pendulum and hands-on techniques. This final phase is where your awareness and collaboration are most engaged, amplifying the healing potential. Throughout this journey, we aim to align your physical and energetic self, leaving you in a state of complete harmony and rejuvenation.

  • From Ashes

    The ultimate treatment for grounding. 15 minutes of mindfulness in our infrared sauna followed by a reiki "infused", 90 minute massage with our special "From Ashes" aromatherapy blend. This woodsy blend of frankincense, bergamot and cypress will deliver you to childlike wonderment of babbling brooks, mossy tree trunks and fallen leaves. We complete this treatment with a special grounding ritual to invite you "back into your body".

  • The Mother

    Pre-natal and postnatal treatment - not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

    Infused with reiki, tender care is taken intuitively to help treat you during the various stages of becoming the mother.

  • Harmony Healing

    Available in 60m or 90m sessions.

    The Harmony Healing Massage is a unique blend of the gentle, soothing touch of craniosacral therapy with the transformative deep-tissue work of the Graston technique. This all-encompassing massage experience is designed to align your body and mind, promoting deep relaxation and healing. Skilled therapists use specialized tools and techniques to release muscle tension, improve circulation, and encourage the natural healing processes of the body. Perfect for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness, the Harmony Healing Massage is a journey towards physical and spiritual equilibrium, reflecting the alchemical transformation of stress into serenity.

  • Alchemist Massage

    Allow our massage alchemist to offer you healing and relaxation from your every day stressors. This customizable treatment may feature hot stones, deep tissue, or other techniques.

    *Ask about our Alchemist Series pricing.

  • Twin Souls Retreat

    Couples Massage Available in 60m or 90m sessions.

    Rekindle connection and tranquility with our Twin Souls Retreat: Couple's Massage. A serene experience designed for partners to relax together, this session combines personalized massage techniques with a soothing ambiance, fostering both physical ease and emotional closeness.